Interview with a Point HomeOwner


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Interview with a Point HomeOwner

Added: Apr 21, 2021
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“I have had professional careers all my life and I am an entrepreneur. I am one of those people who worked hard and got to a point where I started to look at the balances in my life: physical and mental wellbeing, keeping myself relevant by gaining appropriate knowledge and the spiritual side. What defines me is constantly trying to find those balances. It’s very easy to get tied up in being busy, working hard and being successful …I am an outdoorsy kind of person. I love warm weather, music, sports and I’ve always loved the ocean and sea; I’ve recently made Grenada and The Point my new home” – Jerry, Retired 


Q: What country are you originally from and why did you choose Grenada as your new home??

A: In choosing a country to live, the most important things I considered were the climate, if I would be able to live the lifestyle I want, safety and political stability... At some point you have to say, “this is the place”. When I looked at Grenada it has exceptional weather; offered a great lifestyle; financial and political stability which is very important; and the people were very welcoming. After researching and traveling to many countries Grenada was the best fit for me personally.

Q: Why did you make the decision to purchase in The Point?

A: On our property search, one of the places I selected to visit was The Point. I immediately loved the look and feel. After the tour, I knew – in terms of the development, the style, finishes, furnishings, security, available real estate and activities – that I wanted to live here. Some of the reasons I really love The Point is that they built to hurricane standards. They have very high standards in the finishes and engineering of the buildings. Not to mention the Wi-fi is exceptional!Once the decision was made, it was just a matter of understanding the price point to acquire a home. I decided to rent a home at The Point first. I believe renting was a good thing. It gave me the opportunity to live in the area and actually experience it. After living here for about two months, I was sure this was the right place, so we moved on to talk about the purchase.

Q: Describe your experience as a new homeowner at The Point.

A: I love The Point. I am a new homeowner, but it doesn’t feel that way and that’s one of the things I love about here. I am very comfortable in the space and that comfort comes from some of the things I have spoken about already: The location is great, the home itself was right but let’s look beyond that. I think that the people at the Point from the cleaning staff to the Marketing Manager, the Developer to the maintenance team, have been very helpful and responsive. This level of service wasn’t just for a honeymoon period either, it’s just the way they are.

Q: What advice would you give to a new/potential buyer considering owning a property in Grenada.  

A: There are a few small things to consider. I think they must understand how long the process is going to take. If you are seeking to acquire a citizenship or not, it will affect the length of time.


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